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Corona-Update | Outlook Summer Semester 2022

Details on planning the summer semester and support and services from the eTUcation project

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Another winter semester limited by the Corona infections has come to an end.Thanks to all faculty members for their great efforts in making a reasonably "normal" semester possible. Hopefully the year 2022 (despite currently high infection numbers) will bring relief in the spring with regard to the restrictions due to the pandemic.

The goal for the summer semester of 2022 is to have as much face-to-face teaching as possible, which cannot be guaranteed at this time due to the infection situation. Therefore, a concept for online teaching should be considered for all courses in case a rapid changeover becomes necessary again.

Planning Summer Semester 2022

In detail, this means for the planning in the summer semester 2022:

  • The 2.5 G rule will continue to apply unchanged
  • The concept of semester lecture rooms will be retained. These have been marked accordingly in TISS for better visibility (name of lecture room + abbreviation of the field of study).
  • Lecturers no longer need to submit requests for on-site-lectures.
  • In the course description in TISS, when selecting the mode of the lectures, for hybrid lectures, it must be indicated under the item "further information", which dates are held on-site and which online, or whether both are held in parallel.
  • Lecture room occupancy is again planned at 100 %, seats are numbered consecutively over the semester break, and there are numbers highlighted in yellow that would apply to 50 % occupancy if it becomes necessary again.
  • Students AND lecturers will still need to register in the teaching room with QR code and – where possible – also enter the seat number (lecturers enter zero). In the case of positively reported corona-cases, this facilitates and accelerates contact tracing and the possibility of communication between the groups of people concerned.

The eTUcation Project

The knowledge and experience gained from the Distance Learning Project, which was set up in March 2020 at the start of the first lockdown, has given rise to the eTUcation project, which was officially launched at the turn of the year. The aim of this project is a transformation process towards a face-to-face university of the future with a combination of well-known and proved methods with modern digital formats.

The play on words that is hidden in the term eTUcation unites the essential components that are to be linked with this catchword: equity, excellence and e-learning at TU Wien as a sustainable concept in academic teaching (education).

The focal points of this project are, among others, study information and the support of students at the beginning of their studies with a special focus on the social dimension. Low-threshold access and offers along the entire student life cycle will significantly and future-oriented promote studyability, equal opportunities and compatibility at the TU Wien.

Teachers and faculties are to be relieved by the results of eTUcation, in which there is a central overall process for teaching in subject areas such as support and services. Best practices will be further elaborated and concept collections made available, a guide to legal frameworks with a focus on accessibility, data protection and copyright will be created, a digital toolbox will be made available and much more. In addition, a website is currently being created on which the findings and results will be published on an ongoing basis.


TU Wien wishes you a hopefully somewhat calmer lecture-free time and us all a successful and healthy summer semester with as much interaction as possible.