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Coronavirus – Update

Adaptation of the regulations and behavioral rules at TU Wien. As of November 11, TU Wien generally switches to 2.5 G access controls.

Photo of the main building on Karlsplatz with the heading "Covid-19 Info", the update time and the update link:

There is currently a high level of viral activity in Austria and this requires the adaptation of regulations and behavioral requirements at TU Wien. In view of the federal government's COVID step-by-step plan, the applicable measures ordinance of the Ministry of Health and the Vienna Measures Accompanying Ordinance, TU Wien requirements are specified. As of November 11, 2021:


  1. 2.5 G access controls
    TU Wien is generally switching to 2.5-G (i.e., vaccinated and/or recovered or negative PCR-tested) when reviewing evidence of low epidemiological risk. The Rectorate Ordinance on the Use of Buildings of TU Wien has been adapted accordingly.
    TISS G-proof: Persons who have not yet been fully vaccinated (2nd partial vaccinations) require a valid, negative PCR test for access. This PCR test certificate can be stored in TISS as before.
  2. FFP2 mask
    We strongly recommend wearing an FFP2 mask in public areas at TU Wien (corridors, courtyards, etc.). Please keep this in mind especially in areas where no distance can be kept (e.g. elevators, waiting areas, communication zones, etc.) and be considerate of others!
  3. Events and celebrations
    • 2.5-G rule = vaccinated, recovered OR PCR tested: Applies to
      • Events in the sovereign area of TU Wien such as sponsorships and graduations
      • teaching events and trainings
      • professional meetings
    • 2-G rule = vaccinated or recovered: Applies to events held by external organizations at TU Wien. For these, the regulations according to the 3rd COVID-19 Measures Ordinance of the Federal Government as well as the ordinance issued by the Governor for Vienna, as amended from time to time, apply. Compliance with the 2-G-rule, is to be checked by the respective organizer himself and coordinated with the Department of Event Services.
    • 2-G-plus rule = vaccinated or recovered AND PCR tested: Applies to internal events of a celebratory nature such as Christmas parties, student parties and the like. Compliance with the 2-G-plus rule must be checked by the respective organizer and coordinated with the Department of Event Services.
    • For events at TU Wien with more than 25 participants, contact lists must be kept by the responsible organizer. Details:
  4. Third partial vaccination at the TU vaccination center
    From now on, in addition to the 1st and 2nd partial vaccination, the booster vaccination (3rd vaccination) against the coronavirus will also be administered without an appointment at the public TU Vaccination Center at Campus Karlsplatz. The offer is valid for all persons 18 years and older whose 2nd vaccination was at least six months ago.


  • PCR test offer: TU members can pick up PCR gargle tests from the security boxes at the TU location. Drop-off boxes are located at the main entrances of the Karlsplatz, Gußhausstraße, Freihaus, Getreidemarkt and Science Center campus areas.
  • QR Code Scan: Don't forget your obligation to scan your QR code when on campus or in the lecture hall/classroom at your seat. If you invite external persons to meetings at TUW, please inform them about the access controls and register their access in advance in TISS under "Organization/Guest Access" (login required).
  • Mandatory notification of your suspicion/infection case via online form for employees (login required) or online form for students. Details on individual process steps in the entire TUW reporting process can be found at COVIDzard (login required).
  • Safety distance: Please keep your distance to other persons!
  • Hygiene: Please wash and disinfect your hands regularly!