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Corona – Update | Teaching in summer semester 2021

Guidelines for Attendance at TU Wien: on-site teaching, supervisory support, access and stay in the building

Photo of the main building on Karlsplatz with the heading "Covid-19 Info", the update time and the update link:

On Thursday, 15.4.2021, the Rectorate's Regulation on Measures for Attendance at Classes and Examinations in the Summer Semester 2021, opens an external URL in a new window was published in the University Gazette.


In addition to this, we have prepared the guideline "Studies and Teaching: Guidelines for Attendance at the TU Wien", which contains the supplementary details for implementation.

The most important key points are:

Access and stay in the building

  • A valid negative test result, recognized according to the regulations, for students taking attendance examinations or courses and for teachers involved in them
  • The correct wearing of an FFP2 mask
  • QR code scans at the entrance and in the teaching room
  • A distance of two meters must be maintained
  • Only the blue seats in teaching rooms may be occupied

On-site teaching

On-site appointments are complementary to the online offering. Examinations in particular must have an online offering and may hold on-site appointments as a supplement.

Courses are allowed up to a maximum of 15 people, exams up to a maximum of 300 people spread over four locations. Examinations for up to 70 people can be requested by the course instructors themselves, larger examinations can only be booked by timetable coordinators. The current occupancy of the teaching rooms ranges between 10 and 15 % of the original capacity. Details about the occupancy can be found in the room infospace in coLAB, opens an external URL in a new window.

An application for teaching in presence must still be submitted and approved by the Vice Rectorate for Studies and Teaching. LUs and PRs with an appropriately confirmed security concept are exempt.

Since the lockdown has been extended until May 2, 2021, courses are expected to be possible on-site from May 3, 2021 and examinations from May 18, 2021 in order to give students and lecturers sufficient time for a planned changeover.

Please refer to the guide for processing details:, opens an external URL in a new window

Supervisory support

If you are reaching capacity limits regarding online proctoring for your online exams, you may continue to contact Please inform us via email about your needs, time and date incl. course title and number and our colleagues will do their best to provide online proctors from our central pool.

For further questions you can contact