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Corona – Update: Vaccination Service of the City of Vienna

Teachers and employees of a Viennese university can pre-register for COVID-19 vaccinations. Testing and vaccination centre planned at a TU location.

Photo of the main building on Karlsplatz with the heading "Covid-19 Info", the update time and the update link:

The Health Service of the City of Vienna (MA 15) recently informed the Rectorate in a letter that "sufficient vaccine will soon be available to vaccinate staff at Viennese universities".

Registration for university staff

With the COVID-19 vaccination schedule, opens an external URL in a new window, the National Vaccination Committee specifies which groups of people can receive a vaccination and at what stage. For you as TUW employees, the official procedure of the City of Vienna is relevant: Teachers and employees of a Viennese university who are willing to be vaccinated can pre-register for COVID-19 vaccinations at the Vienna Vaccination Service in the category "pupils, students and university staff":, opens an external URL in a new window. This enables the Vienna Health Service to estimate the quantity of persons willing to be vaccinated at the universities.

If you are already registered in the above-mentioned category or if you have justifiably assigned yourself to another occupational/personnel group (e.g. "high-risk group", "risk group", "contact with high-risk patients" or "persons with disabilities"), no further step is necessary. However, you have the possibility to change your category at any time.

TUcard as ID

If you are assigned a vaccination appointment by the Vienna Vaccination Service and make use of it, you must identify yourself as an employee of the TU Wien (= university staff). This can only be done with your TUcard Employee Identification!

Employees who do not yet use a TUcard can obtain one here:, opens an external URL in a new window (TISS-Login required). The renewal of existing TUcards (imprint of the date) is possible contactless at the marked kiosks at several TU locations.

Testing and vaccination street on campus

The Rectorate is currently in talks with the Vienna City Council for Health about the establishment of a testing and vaccination centre at a TU location, operated jointly with the City of Vienna. The concept behind this is to be able to offer both TUW employees and the Viennese population a centrally located and safe testing and vaccination station. We will inform you if and when this option can be implemented.

Information and relevant documents for COVID-19 vaccinations, opens an external URL in a new window