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Automotive industry: driving on the fast lane

Business Evening with Dr. Andreas Tostmann, Executive Vice President for Production of SEAT A.S. Professional MBA Automotive Industry

Business Evening Dr. Tostmann 2014

The 6th Professional MBA Automotive Industry Program started successfully with participants from 7 different countries. In additionto providing  future-oriented and practical knowledge transfer, the Continuing Education Center of the Vienna University of Technology is organizing top class Business Evenings with the opinion leaders from the automotive Industry.

On November 27, 2014 at the Vienna University of Technology Dr.-Ing. h.c. Andreas Tostmann, Executive Vice President for Production, SEAT gave a lecture on „Automotive industry: driving on the fast lane”. Prof. Jan Lesinsky, Academic Director of the Professional MBA Automotive Industry, STU Bratislava welcomed the guests and introduced Dr. Andreas Tostmann.

Dr. Andreas Tostmann focused on the themes:  CO2 Reduction, Autonomous  Driving and Connectivity. The car producers must comply witth the CO2 regulations. By developing new technologies car producers have been able considerably  to reduce CO emissions. However,  there are still challenges for the automotive industry  to further reduce CO2 emissions,such as, immature technology and insufficient infrastructure. New cars already meet the CO2 regulations, but the major part of the whole car fleet in use is composed of old cars, that do not meet regulations. Autonomous driving cars will definitively come, but there are still challenges in infrastructure, technology costs, and legal issues fo autonomous driving. Connectivity is one of the current spotlights in the automotive industry: mobility goes hand in hand with communication: integration of IT technology into the car: communication within the car as well as the communication between cars and with the car environment.  Because of this, the new trend "Coopetition" (cooperative competition) between the automotive and IT industries will bring IT companies like Google or Apple to join the race with the automobile producers.

The next Professional MBA Automotive Industry starts on October 22, 2015.

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