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Alumni Interview: Petronela Halamová

A conversation with Petronela Halamová MSc (PR & Marketing Analyst, IPM Group), Alumna ETIA Class 2017-2019

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Why did you choose the MSc ETIA program at TU Wien?

“Having studied law before, I wanted to pursue a master’s in international relations – however, I wished to focus on something more specific within this area. I had considered environmental protection as our social responsibility, something which I found crucial, topical, and urgent. Furthermore, ETIA’s excellent educational basis stemming from the cross-section of a premiere diplomatic institution and a highly ranked technical university persuaded me to apply.”

What advice would you want to give to new prospective students for the MSc ETIA - what should they know?  

“My advice would be to not just memorise syllabus but to focus on what truly makes you curious and never hesitate to ask questions. Use your critical mind, read a lot – there won’t be much more time for that later on. All of this will go by so quickly that you should try to make the most out of it in each sphere.”

How did you benefit from the program personally? (Networking, contacts)?   

“I was able to secure several internships during my studies, including the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic, Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic, Slovak Embassy in Belgrade, the OSCE, and others. These previous experiences made my job hunt significantly easier and I was able to start a job just after the summer I graduated.”

What memories do you have when you think of the program? What were the highlights?

I do not know of many other programmes, which offer such a unique, tailored set of classes and focus of the curriculum. Besides all the academic highlights I will not forget all the laughs and memories I shared during these 2 years – during wine walks, study trips, school parties, 2 charity balls I have co-organised, ski-trips, Sommerfests, and others, with great like-minded people from around the world.”

What are your carrer plans for the next 3-5 years?

“Plans often change – we grow to learn what really makes us happy and I think this is especially true at the start of our careers when we are just realising how our studies differ from reality. I would like to continue working in an international environment and communications and deepen my hard and soft skills, potentially pursuing a career in international relations, focused on environmental and economic development. More importantly though, I want to stay an active citizen and work on projects that leave a positive legacy for generations to come.”


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