06. April 2023, 17:00 until 18:00

"Data-driven decision making in times of crisis" Expert Talk with Alin Kalam & Info Session

Information Event

No decisions without data!

Expert Talk & Info Session

Whether for-profit companies, government agencies or non-profit organizations - the collection and evaluation of data is essential to make robust decisions at management levels. After analyzing and interpreting data, managers should be able to make decisions and communicate.

The "Data Literacy" compact program is a disciplined approach to teaching and training managers and executives in data-based decision-making. In addition, the visualization and presentation of data and evaluations is practiced.
Ing. Alin Kalam, MSc. is a TU Wien graduate and an experienced data analyst in the insurance sector. He regularly gives lectures on topics such as AI, Big Data, Data Storytelling, etc. and is the main lecturer for the "Data Literacy" program.

Expert Talk by Alin Kalam

We look forward to a short expert talk with Alin Kalam on "Data-driven decision making in times of crisis" and a subsequent short Info Session on the 6-day compact program which starts in June 2023.

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