What is KinderuniTechnik?

KinderuniTechnik [the children’s university of technology] is part of the KinderuniWien initiative, which was launched by the children’s office of the University of Vienna. The aim of KinderuniTechnik is to get girls and boys aged between 7 and 12 years old interested in science and technology and to promote this at an early age. The concept of the Kinderuni is to allow children to experience university just like students. They don’t just go to individual lectures, they get the whole university experience. All faculties offer workshops, seminars, lectures and excursions, giving the children an insight into research at TU Wien.

KinderuniTechnik couldn’t happen without the dedication and commitment of motivated teachers, who make their content on everything from architecture to physics child-friendly and present their specialism with passion. Kurt Matyas, Vice Rector for Study and Teaching, is a big supporter of the Kinderuni initiative, meaning that it is firmly anchored as part of our programme for promoting young talent.

KinderuniTechnik is organised by PR and Marketing.


Carmen Reischl

Ansprechperson KinderuniTechnik

T +43 1 58801 41070

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