13. December 2016, 09:00 until 17:00

[EN] Presenting with Impact (in English) (Part 1/2)



Termin: 13./14.12.2016

Zeit/Dauer: 9-17 Uhr

Ort: Boecklsaal

Trainer_in:  John Waterman, opens an external URL in a new window

Kategorie: Spezialthemen der Hochschuldidaktik

Gruppengröße: up to 14 participants

Zielgruppe: University lecturers who would like to increase the impact and effectiveness of their lectures and presentations, build self-confidence and establish rapport with students, develop presentation techniques to get and maintain attention


The workshop is designed to both sharpen core presentation skills and integrate these into the everyday work of an university lecturer. It will refresh and build on current skills, teach new ways of thinking with a more international approach (increasing intercultural awareness to connect more effectively with students from other countries), and build self confidence in all presenting scenarios.


An innovative course that is ideal for university lecturers who would like to progress and develop their presentation and lecturing skills to the next level. A key part of the course will be work on a lecture. This could be part of a presentation that you have delivered in the past or are going to deliver in the future. Please bring this with you.

Alternatively, you are welcome to work on subjects provided by the trainer.


  • Participant focused and interactive
  • Group-, pair- and individual work
  • Problem solving, simulations, role-plays and discussions

Kosten für Mitarbeiter_innen anderer Universitäten: 350 €

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