12. March 2021, 09:00 until 13:00

[EN] Teaching to Camera (Part 2/2)


Creating an effective online lecture

Dates: 11.03. + 12.03.2021

Time/Duration: 09:00-13:00 (Total of 8 hours)

Location: Online (TUWEL + Zoom)

Trainer: Andrew Weale, opens a file in a new window

Group size: Min. 10 - Max. 12 participants

Target group: All TU lecturers who want to teach in front of camera

By the end of the course, participants are able to...

  • … present effectively in front of camera
  • … shape content in a way that will have maximum impact on student learning
  • … engage students with interactive elements
  • … gain awareness of strengths and areas for improvement in own teaching style


  • Clear delivery
    You will focus on vocal techniques, such as clarity and slowing down your speech so that your students can easily follow your lecture/teaching session in English.
  • Effective presentation
    The visual element or ‘staging’ of an online session is important to get right, otherwise your students might get distracted. Where do you place the camera, for example? How close do you sit to the camera? Should you use your hands? All of these questions and more will be addressed.
  • Session structure
    You will examine ways to adapt your live teaching sessions to the online medium by creating a clear and user-friendly structure for your students. We will also look at how signposting techniques can clarify that structure so that key points can be communicated effectively.
  • Interactive elements
    Punctuating each section of a session with simple interactive elements like a picture or preview of what is to come can also maintain student engagement in an online session. We will look at some Classroom Assessment Techniques (or CATs) that work well in the online format.


  • Practical exercises to develop voice and body language
  • Input from trainer supported by practice activities
  • Interactive training style with input from participants (through, for example, discussion)
  • Short practice sessions in which participants demonstrate a segment of their teaching
  • Feedback from participants to develop awareness around teaching style
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