The TUW Doctoral School offers to the PhD Fellows who are employed within a Doctoral College a series of 1-day workshops and a yearly 3-day seminar in transferable skills at the TUW premises.

The workshops and seminar are extra to the mandatory 18ECTS.

These workshops and seminar, as well as the days that they will be held, can be tailored to the needs of the TU-DKs in collaboration with the TU-DK Coordinator and the Head of the Doctoral School, opens an external URL in a new window in due time:

  • 056.004 Research Ethics & Research Integrity (blocked LVA - mandatory to DK students)
  • Understanding Academic Literature Search 6h WS; find & manage academic information resources at TU Wien and beyond. Finding scholarly information resources, understanding the information, utilize the existing tools (e.g. SCOPUS, Web of Science etc.) and resources for their literature.
  • Academic Life Coaching 6h Seminar; offers support to researchers towards identifying critical techniques so as to overcome challenges and achieve their degree/research goals.
  • 040.004 Scientific work: Publishing and Dissemination (optional)