05. March 2024, 16:00 until 17:00

Sven Barth, Physics Institute, Goethe University Frankfurt/Germany Inorganic Chemistry Institute, Goethe University Frankfurt/Germany


Nano-Printing using Charged Particle Beams: Precursors, Processing and Hybrid Approaches

The vast field of additive manufacturing includes true nano-printing techniques based on charged particle beams of ions and electrons. Besides applications such as mask repair in semiconductor industry, further development of precursor chemistry and writing techniques will enable fundamental studies of shape-dependent phenomena and the fabrication of functional nanostructures on literally any surface. This talk will introduce focused electron/ion beam deposition (FEBID/FIBID) techniques as a very convenient for the spatially controlled formation of pure metals and more complex compositions. The basics of the processes will be outlined [1] and specific examples of FEBID/FIBID-derived material will be presented.[2-4] Moreover, the influence of precursor chemistry, deposition strategy and post-growth processing on the deposit’s composition and physical properties will be discussed. Finally, examples of hybrid processes based on the unique combination of FEBID and CVD will be presented enabling a true site-selective nanocoating and cross-sectional control over layer-based materials.[5] In this context, the differences and benefits of FEBID and FIBID will be briefly discussed and changes in physical properties depending on the deposition technique shall be highlighted.

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