Short title: digiLab IDS

Long title: digiLab IDS - Digitale Übungs- und Laborinfrastruktur für den Industrial Data Science Zertifikatskurs der TU Wien

Sponsors: TU Wien, Vice Rectorate Digitalisation and Infrastructure

IMW contribution to the research project:

  • Analysis of existing Industrial Data Science (IDS) curricular as well as requirements of the DACH job market
  • Technical requirement analysis
  • Design and implementation of innovative teaching methods
  • Preparation of teaching materials in the fields of IDS and IoT
  • Development and implementation of IDS and IoT student projects
  • Development and implementation of collaborative IDS and IoT laboratory exercises
  • Project management and dissemination

Duration: 11.2020-11.2021


The combination of data science skills and technical expertise in the fields of industrial- and mechanical engineering is of the utmost demand in the industry. This competence is acquired in different courses at the TU Wien, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Management. Yet, there is no Industrial Data Science course for Bachelor and Master students of i) Mechanical Engineering (MB) and ii) Mechanical Engineering - Management (WIMB). The »digiLab IDS« is aimed at developing of TU Wien's Industrial Data Science course, which allows students to perform self-paced exercises and laboratory projects in a digital, completely virtual environment. Upon successful completion, students will receive ECTS and a certificate of Industrial Data Science.


  • Engineering-Management students benefit from an easier career entry into a digitally transformed industry and from better job opportunities in general through the possibility of a free certification, which they acquire during their studies.
  • TU Wien benefits from the development of an innovative course and infrastructure in the area of distance learning.
  • TU Wien's Alumni will have a better chance for acquiring of IDS jobs in the DACH region.
  • Contributing to the profile of TU Wien, under the motto of »technology for people« as an innovative university in the rapidly growing Industry 4.0 landscape, especially in the DACH region.
  • The digiLab IDS project serves TU Austria as a good-practice example in the area of Industrial Data Science.


Contact details:

Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Fazel Ansari
Telephone: +43 1 58801-33049

Dipl.-Ing. Linus Kohl
Telephone: +43 1 58801-33048