TU Wien Bibliothek offers a varied course programme for students and young researchers, from citing sources correctly to open access publishing and metrics to dissemination strategies for scientific research results.

Course programme for students

With topics ranging from targeted literature search to questions of correct citation and writing tips: the lecture on "basic principles of academic work" (2 ECTS) is a solid preparation for writing your own scientific papers, from bachelors theses to masters' theses.

This lecture will be offered in the winter term of 2020/21. More information will follow shorty.

Workshops for (young) academics

Our workshop programme around open science and scientific publishing is open to all TU Wien researchers and doctoral candidates.

Dates and details about our programme in the winter term of 2020/21 will follow shortly. As an overview, please see our programme for the summer term 2020 below:

  • Open access, free of charge: self-archiving. How to publish open access via a repository

16 March 2020 | 13:00-14:00 | EN | TU Wien Bibliothek lecture room (5th floor)

In this training session, an overview will be given of the most important issues regarding green open access (author’s agreements, exploitation rights, self-archiving), and you will learn how to make your publication freely available via a repository. Following this introduction, the group will have a look at examples from the participants' publication lists.

Registration (expired): TU Wien employees (TISS) | doctoral candidates without employment

  • Kostenfreies Open-Access mit Selbstarchivierung. Die Zweitveröffentlichung von Publikationen in Repositorien

16. March 2020 | 10:00-11:00 | DE | TU Wien Bibliothek lecture room (5th floor)

In diesem Workshop erfahren Sie in einem kurzen Überblick die wichtigsten Eckpfeiler des Grünen Wegs des OA-Publizierens (Autor_innenverträge, Verwertungsrechte, Zweitveröffentlichung) und wie Sie Ihre Publikationen über ein Repositorium frei zugänglich machen können.

Registration (expired): TU Wien employees (TISS) | doctoral candidates without employment

  • ORCID and your digital identity as a researcher

10 March 2020 | 10:00-11:30 | EN | TU Wien Bibliothek lecture room (5th floor)/Webinar

The workshop gives an overview of the different profiles available for researchers, how they can be used along the research process and career and focuses on the creation and use of an ORCID iD and the update of the ORCID Record (the information connected with the ORCID iD); furthermore, ORCID-related services within TU Wien will be presented.

Registration (expired): TU Wien employees (TISS) | doctoral candidates without employment

  • Wie werden Ihre Publikationen beurteilt: Überblick bibliometrischer Kennzahlen

14 January 2020 | 15:00-16:30 | DE | TU Wien Bibliothek lecture room (5th floor)

In diesem Workshop werden wichtige bibliometrische Kennzahlen vorgestellt, die einerseits Autor_innen wissenschaftlicher Publikationen beschreiben (z. B. h-Faktor) oder auch Journals selbst (z. B. Journal Impact Factor). Zudem werden gängige Zitationsdatenbanken praxisorientiert vorgestellt.

Registration (expired): TU Wien employees (TISS) | doctoral candidates without employment

  • Towards digital universities and e-infrastructures. About the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) and reflections on a local basis for domestic infrastructures

20 May 2020 | 10:00-11:30 | EN | Webinar

Understanding the EOSC structure is a first step in recognising the opportunities offered by the newly launched EOSC in the European Research Area. This lecture offers some reflections for a better understanding of the realisation of the EOSC at the present stage, including the activities of the newly established EOSC Secretariat and the so called "EOSC Supporting Projects".

Registration (expired): TU Wien employees (TISS) | doctoral candidates without employment

On-demand courses for lecturers

Our staff will offer 1-2 units on special topics within your lecture. This service is offered for orientation courses as well as for lectures on academic work.

On-demand workshops for institutes and research groups

These courses are specially tailored to the information requirements of your institute or research group. Publishers agreements, journal hosting or ORCID iD: TU Wien Bibliothek's workshops will focus on the topics most relevant to you.

  • Open access publishing – an overview. Current developments and support for researchers.

On demand | ca. 1 hour or by arrangement | DE/EN | TU Wien

This course unit will prepare you for successful and efficient open access publishing: a short overview of open access is followed by discussion of research funding bodies' requirements as well as guidelines at TU Wien (open access policy). In addition, TU Wien Bibliothek's services in this area are presented (publication fund, publishers' agreements with open access publishing components, self-archiving in reposiTUm).

  • Publishing with TU Wien Academic Press

On demand | ca. 1 hour or by arrangement | DE/EN | TU Wien

You are an editor of conference proceedings? You want to publish a final compilation for your doctoral college? Our interactive information event will give you an overview of the portfolio, processes and standards (peer review, tips on good scientific practice, manuscript standards) and the other services of TU Wien Academic Press, such as advice on copyright questions, dissemination of your research results, layout and format templates.