Advisory committee

Art and Science in Dialogue enjoys numerous supporters from diverse areas of TU Wien.

First and foremost, Rector Prof. Seidler and Vice-Rector Prof. Eberhardsteiner made the foundation and continuation of the project series possible with their commitment.

Furthermore, the Faculty of Physics and the Institute of Solid State Physics, opens an external URL in a new window have supported techArt from the beginning.  

The advisory committee consists of staff members from different departments and is significantly involved in the design and organisation of the projects.

Univ.Prof. Dr.rer.nat. Andrei Pimenov

Head, Research Unit of Solid State Spectroscopy

Mag.a iur. Ute Koch

Head, Service Unit of Labour Law

Herbert Kreuzeder M.A.

Head, Service Unit of PR and Marketing

Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Phys. Dr.rer.nat. Thorsten Schumm

Dean, Faculty of Physics rer.nat. Sabine Cirtek

Curator Anna Pimenov

General University Employee, Research Unit of Solid State Spectroscopy

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Nicolas Weilguny BSc

Student Staff in Research/Administration

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