techArt supported together with the municipality of Guntramsdorf a young artist from Kiev in the context of a benefit exhibition. Anastasiia Ptashyts, a young artist from Ukraine, had to leave her home country. On her flight she created paintings of Stryi (Ukraine) and Roccasecca (Italy), which were shown in the exhibition Interstation (Ger: Zwischenstation). The exhibition presented 56 paintings made for the project.

The exhibition of artworks by Anastasiia Ptashyts was held from 20.05-20.06.2022 in the Guntramsdorf Town Hall.

The pictures of the benefit exhibition were also exhibited at the Atomic Institute of TU Wien from 23.06-30.06.2022.

Another benefit exhibition will take place from 25-29 July at the Gerbrunn Town Hall in Germany.

Anastasiia Ptashyts

Born on 16.08.1995 in Dnipro (former: Dnepropetrovsk).

She studied at the National Academy Of Fine Arts And Architecture in Kiev and graduated in 2021. Anastasiia worked as a freelance artist and was preparing her first own exhibition in Kiev when she was surprised by the war. The works she wanted to show in the exhibition - impressions and reflections of her trip to Georgia - all remained in a basement in Kiev.

Beginning of the war: she lived in Kiev from 24.02 to 13.03.

On 13.03.22 she left the territory of Ukraine and lives at the moment in the workshop of a teacher and friend in Roccasecca, Italy.


Poster for the benefit exhibition at Gerbrunn Town Hall from July 25-29, 2022.
Poster for the benefit exhibition at the summer festival of the Faculty of Physics at the Atomic Institute of TU Wien.
Poster for the benefit exhibition Zwischenstation in the town hall Guntramsdorf


To the gallery

Painting of a church in Stryi/Ukraine by Anastasiia Ptashyts
Painting of a row of houses with shadowy people in the foreground by Anastasiia Ptashyts
Painting of a hilly landscape with isolated houses and a rainbow over the whole sky by Anastasiia Ptashyts.
Painting of a populated hill with blue sky and clouds by Anastasiia Ptashyts.


Sincere thanks for the support:

Andrei Pimenov, Nicolas Weilguny, Lisabeth Pimenov

City hall Guntramsdorf:
Mayor: MSc Robert Weber
Chairman of the Cultural Committee: Josef Koppensteiner