School Visits

Our offers

We offer a course for 10-year-old students (4th grade of elementary school).

  • We have an extensive program in which the students get to know the basics of electrical engineering in a playful way.
  • Loosened up by short lectures, the boys and girls learn about lightning (Benjamin Franklin) and the light bulb (Thomas Alva Edison). References to Austrian contributions (Auer von Welsbach) are also included.
  • The event lasts about 4-5 hours and fills up a teaching morning.

We invite high school classes (13-16 years) to spend a day of classes with us at TU Wien.

  • For 12 years, the Institute has invited high school classes aged 13 to 16 to a day full of experiences, where the students not only learned the basics of soldering but also had the opportunity to build their own electronic devices, such as radios and sensors, under the guidance and take them home. This offered numerous points of connection to modern challenges in the field of electrical engineering. This initiative, conducted in collaboration with the Dean’s office of Electrical Engineering, not only strengthens the technical understanding and interest of young people but also fosters their creativity and problem-solving skills in a practical context.
  • An educational film will be shown about Nikola Tesla, who, in addition to the alternating current we use today, also invented radio remote control. Many references to modern problems in electrical engineering are shown.
  • We also offer guided tours through our laboratories.

In cooperation with FIT, we also offer visits to primary and secondary schools.

    If you are interested, please send an email to Prof. Dr. Markus Rupp.