01. March 2024
Statistical Signal Processing Bayesian Learning Reinforcement Learning Sensor Networks
Introduction - Augustin Alexandru Saucan

My name is Augustin Alexandru SAUCAN (or Alex for short) and I joined TU Wien as a University Assistant on the 1st of March. Starting with my scientific beginning, I received the Ph.D. degree in telecommunications from IMT Atlantique in 2016. During my doctoral years, I worked on statistical signal processing for sonar arrays, specifically for bathymetry reconstruction. After my doctoral years, I went off to what turned out to be several years of post doc-ing in Canada and the US, at different universities: McGill, Syracuse, and eventually MIT (bringing a full closure of my journey across the Atlantic). After returning to Europe, I held a “maître de conférences” position at Télécom SudParis, France. During these years, I worked on Bayesian inference in state-space models, computational statistics (Monte Carlo methods), and more recently on distributed reinforcement learning. Often, my work was motivated by real-work applications, e.g., localization, multi-target tracking, and management of sensor networks. At TU Wien, I plan to explore both theoretical and applied topics that lie at the intersection of signal processing, telecommunications, and statistical machine learning. Furthermore, being a big foodie, I plan to thoroughly explore the Viennese and Austrian Esskultur.