05. October 2018
Vienna 5G System Level Simulator
First Release of the Vienna 5G System Level Simulator

We are happy to announce, that a first release of the Vienna 5G System Level Simulator is now available. It is part of the Vienna Cellular Communications Simulators (VCCS) software suite and complements the Vienna 5G Link Level Simulator.

In general the purpose of system level simulations of communication systems is to evaluate the average performance of large scale networks. The simulator allows to investigate multi-tier heterogeneous networks with several base station and user types. We provide great flexibility by supporting a broad range of simulation parameters, such as network geometry options and propagation models. Due to the efficient implementation, we provide a platform to also simulate networks with several thousand network nodes, as it is required, e.g., in the context of IoT.

For further information, please visit the VCCS homepage.