22. October 2020
Intelligent Intersection
We have started the new research project „Intelligent Intersection“

Research project „Intelligent Intersection“

We have started the new research project „Intelligent Intersection“ which is funded by FFG within the eighth call of future ICT.

Two institutes of TU Wien are partners in this project: the institute of mechanics and mechatronics (E325) and the institute of telecommunications (E389). The other partners are ANDATA GmbH, SWARCO Futurit GmbH, komobile w7, and the Austrian traffic safety board.

Further, we will also collaborate with Stadt Wien MA33.

Intelligent intersection traffic system

This project establishes an intelligent intersection traffic system to improve road safety and traffic efficiency for all road users. Through a broad, inclusive, inter-disciplinary human-centered design approach, all stakeholders’ needs, goals, and limitations are captured and cast into quantitative KPIs and a technical problem description. Novel methods and tools to model, calibrate, simulate, estimate, predict and control heterogenous intersection traffic, as well as novel means and use cases of 5G communication will be combined to optimize the traffic situations in real time. The resulting real-world benefits of the intelligent intersection will be studied via detailed co-simulations, real-world validation and demonstration tests, and re- assessed with all stakeholders. Hence, the project provides a sound basis for later realization in urban traffic systems that improves road safety and efficiency alike, for all users.