Module 1: PHY Enhancements (Nokia)

The focus of this research module is on the optimization of distributed massive MIMO systems and reconfigurable intelligent surfaces, as well as, on ultra-wideband channel modeling.

Recent publication highlights

Reduced Complexity Approximate Message Passing for Hybrid Architecture Based Millimeter Wave Massive MIMO Channel Estimation, M. Mussbah, WSA 2021

On the Parametrization and Statistics of Propagation Graphs, R. Prüller, EUCAP 2021

Reliable Multi-Point Transmissions over Directional MISO TWDP Fading Channels, S. Schwarz, IEEE TVT 2021

Main research directions

  • Reconfigurable intelligent surfaces
  • Distributed massive MIMO
  • Spatially consistent channel modeling


Mariam Mussbah
Richard Prüller
Stefan Pratschner

Module 2: Innovative Technologies (A1)

The focus of this research module is on non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) techniques, on non-coherent Grassmannian transmissions and on system level investigations.

Recent publication highlights

Codebook Training for Trellis-Based Hierarchical Grassmannian Classification, S. Schwarz, IEEE Communication Letters 2022

Analysis of Uplink IRS-Assisted NOMA under Nakagami-m Fading via Moments Matching, B. Tahir, IEEE WCL 2021

Analysis and Optimization of Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces Assisted MIMO Systems, L. Hao, EuCNC 2021

Main research directions

  • Non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA)
  • Non-coherent communication
  • System level simulations


Module 3: Location Awareness (ÖBB Infra)

The focus of this research module is on applying machine learning techniques for user localization, as well as, on location-aware optimization of self-organizing networks and cell-free massive MIMO systems.

Recent publication highlights

Towards Scalable Uncertainty Aware DNN-based Wireless Localisation, A. Salihu, EUSIPCO 2021

Deep Reinforcement Learning for Dynamic Access Point Activation in Cell-Free MIMO Networks, C. Mendoza, WSA 2021

Main research directions

  • Location-aware proactive and reactive capacity provisioning
  • Machine-learning based localization and crowd analysis
  • Massive MIMO in railroad communications


Charmae Mendoza
Wilfried Wiedner

Finalized Module: Network Architectures (Kathrein)

The focus of this research module is on system level analysis and optimization of large-scale wireless networks. The research work of this module was successfully concluded in March 2020.

Recent publication highlights

Performance Analysis of Repeater-Aided Millimeter Wave Urban Mobile Communication Networks, A. Nabavi, WSA 2020

Investigation of Wraparound Techniques for the Simulation of Wireless Cellular Networks, A. Fastenbauer, WSA 2019

Integration of High Speed Train Channel Measurements in System Level Simulations, M. Müller, EUSIPCO 2019