Hilda Tellioglu

Hilda Tellioglu is an associate professor at the TU Wien’s Faculty of Computer Science and Dean of Academic Affairs of Computer Science. She heads the Artifact-based Computing & User Research at the TU Wien, Institute of Visual Computing and Human-Centered Technology. In addition to more than 145 peer-reviewed scientific publications, she has led and collaborated in several national and international research projects. Her research interests include: participatory design of innovative technologies with and for users, including vulnerable groups; mobility research; technology support for disasters and disaster management; modelling and knowledge management in manufacturing, automotive, software development, healthcare, facility management, and architecture; innovation research; tangible interaction design, design thinking, interaction design, user experience design; computer-supported cooperative work (CSCW); gender difference in computing (in education and the workplace); digital transformation; technology and society. She is the academic director of the Centre for Informaticsy & Society (CTS, cts.wien), director of the Center for Informatics & Society (C!S), and chair-elect of EUSSET (European Society for Socially Embedded Technologies).

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ISBN: 978-3-85448-048-8
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