TU Wien Academic Press actively seeks exchange with other university and open access publishers to promote an innovative publishing culture.

TU Wien Academic Press is a member of Arbeitsgemeinschaft Universitätsverlage (AG Universitätsverlage). The working group is an association of university presses, publishing services and platforms, which are connected to an academic institution and offer professional publishing services, in German speaking countries. The membership criteria include especially quality assurance according to scientific standards and the support of Open Access.

The publisher is part of the international Association of European University Presses (AEUP) network.


Networking is facilitated by the publisher’s affiliation with TU Wien Bibliothek. This means that topics related to the open access publishing of books are also discussed and disseminated at events staged by TU Wien Bibliothek – such as the ‘Focus on Open Science’ series and the library’s Erasmus Staff Mobility Weeks.

Not least, we focus on exchanges with the research community at TU Wien since we aim at further developing our services and processes in a demand-led and innovative fashion, for example, at testing the implementation of open peer-review procedures.