Funding options

Be it a print book or e-book, the production of high-quality books often involves costs, for example for proofreading the English text or for licenses for the photos used.

Funding options through TU Wien Academic Press

TU Wien Academic Press may, in certain cases and upon request, assume the costs within the framework of strategic funding. Any costs incurred for the issue of an ISBN/ISSN or persistent identifiers that allow a consistent referencing of your book will always be covered by TU Wien Academic Press.


Eligibility criteria

The prerequisite for funding from TU Wien Academic Press is that the authors or editors have no other means at their disposal to cover the costs and would consequently be forced to draw on privately held funds.

The following funding is available:

  1. Individual linguistic, graphic or licensing measures to improve the readability of a book
  2. Funding within the framework of the TU Wien’s strategic orientation, particularly where the works relate to the TU Wien’s following areas of strategic activities:

a) Support of junior researchers

b) Advancement of the internationalisation of research and teaching

c) Advancement of knowledge and innovation transfer

You will find all information setting out the funding options available from the publisher along with examples in the Information sheet ‘Funding options available from the publisher’.


Other financing options

We would be happy to help with advice about dealing with open access publication costs within the framework of projects (e.g. third-party funding and FWF funding requirements). We are also able to help with information about other financing options that are available, such as those provided through the City of Vienna, foundations or funding for junior researchers.

Information sheet ‘Funding options for book publications in Austria’.