While you are concentrating on the content, we’ll be making the rest as easy as possible for you. You may use our service package free of charge.


E-book service package

  • Cover design and layout
  • Help with structuring, formal aspects and typesetting of the inside section
  • Formal checks of your manuscript
  • Professional publication formats (e.g. PDF formats for printing, publishing and archiving)
  • Advice about legal issues, such as copyright and image rights as well as the choice of appropriate licensing models (CC licenses)
  • Assistance with the procurement of and, in individual cases, financial support for translations / proofreading / editing
  • Help with the search for and the creation of images, graphics, etc.
  • Long-term planning and co-conception of book projects (e.g. collaboration on the publication of conference proceedings starting prior to the issue of the call for papers, joint co-conception of thematic anthologies planned upon the completion of doctoral programmes)
  • Detailed scheduling of your book project
  • Quality assurance and collaboration in peer review processes for your book
  • Professional indexing with URN, ISBN / ISSN and distribution via reposiTUm, Google Books, search-engine optimisation, etc.
  • Access to the publisher’s funding and advice about financing options
  • Only ‘non-exclusive rights of use’ granted, i.e. you may use your work in any other way without further consultation with the publisher
  • Marketing of your book, including your e-book, e.g. through reviews, news releases, features


Additional package for print publications

  • Coordination of technical production (print coordination, pricing in consultation with authors)
  • Sales through our web shop and book retailers
  • Marketing of your book (e.g. participation in the TU Wien Bibliothek’s programme within the framework of the literature festival ‘Österreich liest’)
  • Reimbursement of the pre-financed printing costs for an additional print publication when revenues are generated from sales
  • Handling of all submissions (e.g. ‘backlist’), catalogue entries and mandatory deposits in Austria

A broad range of helpful information has been summarised in brief as information sheets: Tips for authors