Emilia M. Bruck

Emilia M. Bruck researches and teaches at the future.lab Research Centre and the Research Unit of Local Planning at the TU Wien. Her work centers around the interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary examination of the spatial effects of digital automation and connectedness in transportation. This includes several contemporary phenomena – prompted by platform-based mobility services – as well as possible automated vehicles of the future. At the centre of her research and publications are the questions of spatial transportation, urban planning actions and the design of explorative learning spaces with respect to technology-based reproduction of spatial demands. In a comparative study for her dissertation, Bruck is examining the shifting characteristics of planning in Vienna and Toronto with regard to automated mobility. She is also a member of the Urbanism Next Europe 2020 conference program committee.

Portraitfoto von Emilia Bruck

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ISBN: 978-3-85448-031-0
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