Ian Banerjee

Ian Banerjee has taught and researched at the Faculty of Architecture and Planning at the TU Wien in the Research Unit of Sociology since 2008. His teaching and research concentrate on the current themes of international urbanism. He is interested in the various dimension of global change, urban innovation, new socio-technological formations in the context of digitalization, new urban learning cultures and the potential of automated and connected mobility for the sustainable city of the future. He was active in multilateral consultations initiated by the UN Habitat, which aimed to develop a common strategy as an answer to the global challenge of urbanisation (Habitat III/New Urban Agenda 2016).In the past 20 years, Banerjee has gained experience in about 50 cities on four continents. He was involved in integrative urban planning, strategic spatial planning, new forms of governance, „smart urbanism“, strategies to counteract socio-spatial inequalities, the phenomenon of „digital communities“ and the significance of the immaterial aspects of daily life, such as creativity, fear, hope, etc. on planning. For AVENUE21, he was mainly responsible for researching the innovative planning approaches of five „pioneer regions“ of automated mobility – San Francisco, Greater London, Gothenburg, Singapore and the Greater Tokyo Area. He examined and compared governance and transition approaches in these five regions to discover how city administrations can become co-developers of automated and connected transportation.

Portraitfoto von Ian Banerjee

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