Research Projects

  • Current FWF Projects

    Exploring Unilaterality and Asymmetry in Variational Analysis, FWF, P 36344-N (2023 – 2027) Project Leader: A. Daniilidis

    Regularity properties of mappings and applications (PDF) FWF, I 4571-N (2020-2024), Project leader: V. Veliov

  • Completed Projects

    Optimal control with finite control set and applications in Model Predictive Control (PDF) FWF, P 31400-N32 (2018-2022), Project leader: V. Veliov

    Open Inter-DSO electricity markets for RES integration FFG, No. 704762, (2016-2019), Project leader: J. Haunschmied

    Regularity, stability, and computation of equilibria FWF, P26640-N25, (2014−2018), Project leader: V. Veliov

    Continuous Dynamic Optimization Models with Discrete Events FWF, P25979-N25, (2013−2017), Project leader: G. Tragler

    Business Models including Batteries for Smart Grids FFG, No. 608022, (2015−2016), Project leader: V. Veliov

    Centre of Excellence for Mathematical Modeling and Advanced Computing EU-Widespread – MMAC Nr.557728, (2015−2016), Project leader TU Wien: V. Veliov

    Modeling and Control of Contagious Phenomena in Heterogeneous Populations FWF, P24125-N13, (2012−2016), Project leader: V. Veliov

    Endogeneous Heterogeneity and Periodicity in Dynamic Optimization Problems FWF, I476-N13,  (2010 − 2013), Project leader: V. Veliov

    A Matlab Package (OCMat) for Analyzing Optimal Control Problems FWF, P23084, (2010 – 2013), Project leader: Dieter Grass

    Multi-Stage Modelling of Market Disruptions FWF, P21410, (03.2009 − 02.2012), Project leader: G. Feichtinger

    Passenger Oriented Airport Operations Management,FFG (04.2008 – 06.2010), Project leader: G. Tragler

    Dynamics and Control of Age Structured Populations with Fixed Size FWF, P20408, (2008 − 2011), Project leader: G. Feichtinger

    Agglomeration Processes in Ageing Societies WWTF (01.2008 − 06.2011), Project leader from TU: G. Tragler

    Optimal Dynamic Management of the Population Mix OeNB (01.2006 – 12.2009), Project leader: G. Tragler

    Optimal Control of Illicit Drug Epidemics FWF, P18527, (01.2006 – 12.2009), Project leader: G. Feichtinger

    Optimal Design of Counter-Terror Operations OeNB (08.2006 – 04.2009) Project leader: G. Feichtinger

    A Vintage Capital Approach to Dynamics of the Firm, (2002) Project Leader: G. Feichtinger

    Control of Heterogeneous Systems FWF, P18161, (09.2005 – 08.2009), Project leader: G. Tragler

    Dynamics and Control of Drug Consumption, (1999) Project Leader: G. Feichtinger

    Dynamic Law Enforcement FWF, P11711 (01.11.1996 – 30.04.2001), Project leader: G. Feichtinger

    Non Linear Dynamics and Economic Growth FWF, P10850  (01.10.1996 – 30.09.2001) Project leader: G. Feichtinger

    Dynamic Models of the Firm (Dynamische Unternehmungsmodelle) FWF, S3204 (1984 – 1989) Project leader: G. Feichtinger