Bound Electives

Bound Electives (at least 36.0 ECTS)

Within the elective modules, at least 12.0 ECTS must be selected from each of three
different modules. Within a module, at least 6.0 ECTS must be selected from the course
types lecture or seminar.

Design (Elective Module) (minimum 12.0 ECTS)
Synthesis (Elective Module) (minimum 12.0 ECTS)
Reagents and Feedstocks (Elective Module) (minimum 12.0 ECTS)
Processes and Utilization (Elective Module) (minimum 12.0 ECTS)

Across the three chosen modules, a total of at least 9.0 ECTS must be selected from
laboratory practicals, tutorials, internships or projects. At least 9.0 ECTS of elective courses must be completed at each university.

If more than 36.0 ECTS are completed within the elective modules, in the module Free
Electives and Transferable Skills correspondingly fewer ECTS points can be completed,
however, at least 6.0 ECTS credits from the area of transferable skills must be completed.