fluorescence spectroscopy for water resource systems

Combining a systemic approach and Bayesian hierarchical models: a novel way forward to exploit the maximum potential of fluorescence spectroscopy for water resource systems

01.11.2019 - 31.10.2022

TU Wien, Innovative Projects

Project Staff:
Ottavia Zoboli ozoboli@iwag.tuwien.ac.at

Sandra Peer
Ernis Saracevic
Anastassia Vybornova

Andreas Farnleitner, Institute of Chemical, Environmental and Biological Engineering (TU Wien)

short description

Fluorescence spectroscopy is a very promising tool for the identification of organic substance fingerprints in water resource systems. It is rapid, sensitive and relatively inexpensive. Knowledge gaps and challenging interpretation of large and complex datasets are currently hindering the full exploitation of its potential. Within this project, we aim to develop and test a novel systemic approach coupled with Bayesian statistical techniques to overcome existing obstacles. We will explore different applications of this tool in different water systems in Austria

Contour plot of a wastewater treatment plant effluent

Contour Plot