AT HOME IN VIENNA | Zu Hause in Wien

Studies of exemplary affordable housing | Eine Studie und Sammlung geförderter Wiener Wohnbauten

Series of publications by the Fakultät für Architektur und Raumplanung (Faculty of Architecture and Planning), Volume 1

Cover des Buches "AT HOME IN VIENNA. Zu Hause in Wien"

The lecturers and students at TU Wien and UNSW Sydney tackled the subject of subsidised residential construction in Vienna within the framework of a joint course in order to examine existing concepts and development trends that succeeded during the Red Vienna era.
Particularly in view of the fact that it will be the architects currently in training who will in future also be contributing to the shaping of the cityscape while producing good and affordable living space, the results from this Australian-Austrian cooperation are to be understood as a collection of portraits of successful examples from Vienna with the intention of creating possible incentives for future growth and living.

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    Publication date: March 2019
    Size: 220 pages
    Format: 24 x 17 cm
    Language: Deutsch, Englisch

    ISBN (Print): 978-3-85448-028-0
    ISBN (Online): 978-3-85448-029-7
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