25. January 2023
Block lecture “Off-Road Vehicles Technology” by Prof. Gerhard Skoff – With field trip to an off-road vehicle manufacturer
The block lecture "Off-Road Vehicles Technology" by Prof. Gerhard Skoff will be held from March 6-7 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day in seminar room BA10B (BA high-rise building), Getreidemarkt 9.

Symbolic image of an off-road vehicle

Content of the course

The course imparts the basic knowledge of off-road vehicle technology. The contents are based on the lecture “Commercial and Special Vehicle Technology”, which is a prerequisite for participation in the course. During the course, the fundamentals of terrain mechanics are taught and the design features specific to off-road vehicles for a commercial vehicle are considered in detail. Successful implementation of the design features of an off-road vehicle will be discussed using several selected examples from the construction site, tractor, military and racing application areas. A field trip to an off-road vehicle manufacturer with hands-on demonstration completes the lecture.


Learning outcomes

Upon positive completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • understand the essential features and functions of an off-road commercial vehicle and its major assemblies (frame, driveline, axles, lock management, suspension systems) and explain them in their various applications (e.g., construction site, tractor, military, racing)
  • address the differences to the conventional commercial vehicle
  • address terramechanical fundamentals and discuss the characteristics of different types of terrain



During the lecture, which will be held as a block, the modules will be worked out together in an interactive dialogue between the students and the lecturer on the basis of an illustrated script. Typical examples for the different areas of application, e.g. construction site, agriculture, military wheeled and tracked vehicles and rally trucks are discussed in detail in some cases and made comprehensible with supplementary videos. Following the lecture, a complete script will be distributed for lecture participants and a field trip to a leading military vehicle manufacturer in Vienna will be offered to experience the implementation of the course content in practice.


Information and registration for the course in TISS under course number 315.746.