29. March 2023
Block lecture “Automated Driving and Alternative Vehicle Technology” by Prof. Peter Schöggl
The block lecture "Automated Driving and Alternative Vehicle Technology" by Prof. Peter Schöggl will be held on Monday and Tuesday, April 17 and 18, and Monday, April 24, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day in lecture hall Atrium 2, ARSENAL Object 214 (Franz-Grill-Strasse 9).

Symbolic Picture Automated Driving

Subject of course

Part 1: Automated driving

• Definitions

• Automated driving levels

• Advantages and challenges

• Legal situation

• Object detection, sensors, sensor fusion

• Decision logic, software structure

• Actuators

• Artificial intelligence

• Safety and security

• Over the air updates

• System comparisons

• Car, commercial vehicle and other applications


Part 2: Alternative vehicle technology

• Trends in the automotive industry

• Overview of vehicle concepts

• Electrification

• Overview of energy storage systems

• BEV concepts

• Hybrid vehicles

• Voltage levels 48V, 400 / 1000V

• Charging solutions

• Hydrogen and fuel cell technology

• Alternative suspension and damping concepts

• Alternative braking concepts

• Active aerodynamics

• Materials

• Types of use and mobility services

• Networking

• Alternative vehicles for private transport and industry

• Sports cars and racing vehicles


Learning outcomes

After successful completion of the course, students are able to research subject-specific topics on the areas of driver assistance systems, automated driving, autonomous driving and alternative vehicle technology, to introduce them into a technical discussion and to write scientific papers.

The following topics are covered:

– Driver assistance systems, automated systems up to automated driving

– Advantages and challenges

– Sensors, object detection, computer system and actuators

– Artificial intelligence

– Development processes

– Examples of executed systems

– Energy sources, costs, availability, CO2 impact

– Energy sources and influence on vehicles and drive technology

– Alternative vehicle technology for individual mobility

– Alternative vehicle technology in industrial transportation

– Alternative vehicle technology in motorsport


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315.750 Automated driving and alternative vehicle technology