Green Chemistry Laboratory

Green Chemistry Laboratory (Compulsory Module)

Regular Workload: 12.0ECTS

Learning Outcomes:

Technical and methodological competencies: Practical testing of the principles of Green Chemistry in the context of a research-guided exercise in the laboratory.
Cognitive and practical competencies: Preparation of experiments, planning and execution of preparative work, analysis and interpretation of measurement results, preparation of protocols.
Social competencies and self-competencies: Ability to develop sustainable and safe synthesis pathways, utilize renewable resources, and address environmental analytical issues.
Green Chemistry I: Learning of new catalytic methods (e.g., bio-, photo- or organocatalysis), use of modern synthetic methods such as microwave-, ultrasound- and flow chemistry; utilization, conversion and analysis of renewable raw materials, synthesis and analysis of biopolymers and modern (bio-) materials.
Green Chemistry II: Recovery and recycling of critical raw materials, learning modern environmental analytical techniques, methods of (electro-)chemical energy storage and conversion, modeling and risk assessment of current issues in environmental protection.

Expected prior knowledge:

Technical and methodological competencies: Preparative organic and inorganic chemistry (synthesis, isolation, purification and analysis of new compounds), knowledge of spectroscopic techniques and other measurement methods.
Cognitive and practical competencies: Solid knowledge of laboratory technology and safety, knowledge of instrumental analysis.
Social competencies and self-competencies: Ability to work in a team environment and be responsible for collaborative, safe chemical research.
Mandatory requirements: None.

Courses of the module:

The two laboratories on Green Chemistry I and Green Chemistry II are mandatory to be completed at two different universities and offered in the appropriate form at each of the participating universities:

  • 6.0/6.0 LU Laboratory on Green Chemistry I (TUW) or
  • 6.0/6.0 UE Laboratory on Green Chemistry I (BOKU) or
  • 6.0/6.0 PR Laboratory on Green Chemistry I (Uni Wien) or else
  • 3.0/3.0 PR Laboratory on Green Chemistry I A (Uni Wien) and
  • 3.0/3.0 PR Laboratory on Green Chemistry I B (Uni Wien)