17. April 2023
Green Chemistry: The Missing Elements
John Warner Student Lecture at TU Wien

John C. Warner

John C. Warner

John is a chemistry inventor who works to design and create commercial technologies inspired by nature consistent with the principles of green chemistry. With over 300 patents, he has invented solutions for dozens of multinational corporations. His inventions have also served as the basis for several new companies. To know more about John visit his website


Imagine if every consumer, every retailer, every brand owner and every manufacturer decided to buy, use, sell and make ONLY climate neutral, sustainable, green chemistry products. The unfortunate reality is that, even if this situation were to occur, our knowledge of materials science and chemistry would allow us to provide only a small fraction of the necessary products and materials that our economy is based upon., The way we learn and teach chemistry and materials science in academia is for the most part void of any information regarding mechanisms of toxicity and environmental harm. Green Chemistry is a science that seeks to reduce or eliminate the use of hazardous materials at the design stage of a materials process. It has been demonstrated that materials and products CAN be designed with negligible impact on human health and the environment while still being economically competitive and successful in the marketplace. This presentation will describe the history and background of Green Chemistry and describe how it relates to other approaches (sustainable chemistry, circular economy…) to create a sustainable future.

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