Measuring equipment

Exhaust gas measuring technology

The institute has a wide range of measuring equipment to measure both limited and non-limited exhaust emissions.

Exhaust gas measuring cabinets for limited pollutants

  • CLD (Chemiluminescence detector)
  • FID (Flame ionization detector)
  • NDIR (Non-dispersive infrared detector)
  • PMD (Paramagnetic detector)
  • Condensation particle counter (AVL Particle counter 489)

Measuring devices for non-limited pollutants

  • FTIR (Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy)
  • MSSplus – AVL Micro Soot Sensor
  • DDMPS/TrDMPS (Dual differential mobility particle spectrometer)
  • DNPH method

Cylinder pressure indication system

  • Various piezoelectric and piezoresistive pressure sensors with charge amplifiers for high- and low-pressure indication
  • Detection of flame propagation and knock generation: AVL VisioSet with VisioFlame and VisioKnock spark plugs

Optical measuring technology

  • High-speed camera with image intensifier:
    • Imaging Solutions NX4: BW, 1024 x 1024 pixels at 3000 fps.
    • dimaxHD+: Color, 1920 x 1440 pixels at 1603 fps
    • Image intensifier: Hamamatsu 10kHz
  • thermal camera thermolMAGER TIM 640 from Micro Epsilon (material cooling and wall film formation; various temperature ranges from 20 °C to 900 °C)
  • Droplet size distributions in sprays: Spraytec from Malvern: droplet sizes between 0.1 and 2,000 µm in real-time measurement; particle size determination of sprays and aerosols.

Electrical measuring technology

  • Dewetron DEWE-2602 data logger
    • Current measurement Zero flux transducer PM-MCTS 700 & 400
    • Hioki current clamps: 3x 20A / 4x 500A / 3x 1.000A

Emission measurement for real driving

  • AVL Gas PEMS iS(CO, CO2, NO, NO2)
  • AVL ExhaustFlow Meter (EFM)