4-wheel chassis dynamometer

Low-temperature roller test bench

Low-temperature emission roller test bench with test vehicle
Low-temperature-emissions chassis dynamometer
300 kW DC-Hypercharger

The TU Wien Automotive Test Center GmbH acts as a link between the TU Wien and industry in terms of research and development in all matters relating to exhaust-emissions and powertrain testing.

The services offered at the modern 4-wheel chassis dynamometer include the determination of the legally limited exhaust emissions (Euro 6d-compliant), support of the vehicle development process (including map calibration, performance measurements), investigation of alternative powertrain concepts, benchmarking and laboratory of EU / Green Vehicle Index and FIA / Green NCAP.

In particular, there is the possibility to measure electric vehicles and also to charge the traction battery with the 300 kW Hypercharger in the test cell.


Technical details

  • 4x 48″ apex roller (4-Wheel chassis dynamometer)
  • Rated power 210 kW, peak power 430kW,
  • Head-wind blower with max. airspeed of 210 km/h / 145 km/h (narrow / wide opening) und up to 155.000 m³/h max. air flow
  • Wheelbase 1,800 mm – 4,200 mm, max. axle load 2,500 kg
  • Cell temperatures -35 °C to +50 °C, additional sun simulation (1,000 W/m²) with humidity control
  • Hypercharger with up to 300 kW (1,000 V, 500 A) DC and 22 kW (400 V, 32 A) AC


Analytical measurement technology

  • AVL CVS i60 SII (for emission standard Euro6d, CFR 1066, GTR15)
  • AVL Flowsonix
  • AVL Particulte sampler (4-fold)
  • AVL Particle Counter
  • AVL Raw Gas Measurement (2-fold)
  • Additional FTIR measurements, AVL MSS
  • Various analytical measurement instruments (Dewetron, Oxygen, …)

Measurement of petrol, diesel, hydrogen and hybrid vehicles possible. Competence centre for the measurement of electric vehicles.


Link: www.atc-tuwien.com