06. March 2023
Block lecture “Criteria of Future Automobiles II” by Prof. Hans-Joachim Schöpf
The block lecture "Criteria of Future Automobiles II" by Prof. Hans-Joachim Schöpf will be held from March 20 to 21, 2023, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day in seminar room BA10B (BA high-rise), Getreidemarkt 9.

Three dimensional graphic of a car

Subject of course


Major effects – based on practice – on future cars, mainly by:

  • investments and costs on competitive differantiation
  • forms of drive technology and their effects on concepts
  • weight and design optimization
  • quality-, lead time, process- and life-cycle requirements
  • handling complexity


Learning outcomes


After successful completion of the course, students are able to:

  • understand and apply the principles of a basic calculation on a vehicle by way of example
  • understand the effects of innovative drive technology on the conception of vehicles
  • understand the weight and design optimization in the compromise area of cost, time, function and quality
  • see and understand electrics/electronics with key figures constructively and functionally in the vehicle concept
  • understand the effects of desired diversity and unwanted complexity systemically and by examples


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Criteria of future automobiles II