29. September 2021
TU Wien Team Wins International F1TENTH Grand Prix
The 9th F1TENTH Grand Prix of 1:10-scale autonomous racing cars took place in Prague. The TU Wien team won this international competition.

Team of TU Wien after the competition with cars and trophy
Group picture of TU Wien

9th F1TENTH Grand Prix in Prague

The F1Tenth Grand Prix is an international racing competition in which computer controlled model cars compete against each other. The 1:10 scale race cars competing in the F1Tenth Grand Prix are equipped with sensors and a computer to drive autonomously on the race track. With the sensors, the cars “see” the race track. The computer tries learn the track and then to steer the car over the race track as quickly as possible and without collision.

Teams aim for fastest lap time

The F1Tenth Grand Prix consists of two competitions. In the first competition, one car is on the track at a time. The aim is to achieve the fastest lap time and to complete as many laps as possible within a given time. The TU Vienna team “Scuderia Segfault”, consisting of Daniel Scheuchenstuhl, Dennis Erdogan, Fabian Kresse, Felix Resch, Luigi Berducci, Moritz Christamentl and Stefan Ulmer, supported by Andreas Brandstätter and under the supervision of Prof. Radu Grosu, could only achieve mediocre results in the first race. Before the second race of this competition, however, the team was able to improve the car and finally just managed to achieve the fastest lap time and the greatest number of completed laps.

First place in the overall Grand Prix

The second competition was a series of races, in which all cars competed against each other in pairs. The goal was to achieve the fastest lap time despite having an opponent on the race track. The Viennese Scuderia Segfault team was initially very unlucky: their car was rammed and damaged by an opposing vehicle. However, after repairing the car within the shortest possible time, the Scuderia Segfault car was able to beat all the opposing cars in direct competition and thus achieved a clear first place in the overall Grand Prix.



Group picture of TU Wien
Selecting the best tyres for the race
Checking the car before the race
TU Wien race cars
Race strategy meeting
Adjusting software for the race

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