14. Juni 2017
Vienna 5G Link Level Simulator
First Release of the Vienna 5G Link Level Simulator

We are happy to announce, that a first release of the Vienna 5G Link Level Simulator is available for selected users and partners. It is part of the Vienna Cellular Communications Simulators (VCCS) software suite and also the first 5G simulator thereof.

In general the purpose of link level simulations of communication systems is to evaluate the average performance of the physical layer transceiver architecture. The simulator includes parameter settings for Long Term Evolution-Advanced (LTE-A) compliant simulations and additionally further user defined settings for the simulation of future 5G cellular communications systems. Since there exists no concrete specification yet, we provide great flexibility by supporting a broad range of simulation parameters. Through our simulators, we intend to offer a unifying platform for performance evaluation as well as co-existence investigation of candidate 5G physical layer schemes.

For further information please visit VCCS