04. Mai 2018
Flexibly Tunable Yagi Antenna
A new antenna tower on the roof of the institute will support experimental antennas

Since April the institute’s roof features a new antenna tower. The new tower will support experimental antennas used in teaching,  research, and amateur radio activities. The first photo shows Emir Memic climbing the tower and mounting the uppermost segment, supported by institute members Gerald Artner and Stefan Pratschner.

A four-element SteppIR DB36 Yagi-Uda antenna was mounted at the top of the mast. The antenna is tunable continuously by software control from 5 MHz to 50 MHz for maximum gain and optimum power matching. The antenna tracks the carrier frequency of the transceiver automatically.

The antenna is used in the course „short wave radio” to demonstrate global radio communications in small student groups. Later in the spring term, a six-element Yagi-Uda for 50 MHz which will be built by students in the course „antenna design and realization”.