12. Juli 2019
Associate Prof. Dr. Stefan Schwarz
Stefan Schwarz Assistant Prof. since 1st July

Stefan Schwarz is with the Institute of Telecommunications since 2009. He finished his dissertation on Limited Feedback Transceiver Design for Downlink MIMO OFDM Cellular Networks in 2013 and since then worked as a post-doc assistant on several projects with partners from industry. Since 2016 he is the head of the Christian Doppler laboratory (CD-lab) for Dependable Wireless Connectivity for a Society in Motion, which focuses on 5G and beyond mobile communication technologies.

Stefan Schwarz’s research interests are located in the broad fields of wireless communications and signal processing. Together with his research team of the CD-lab he actively pursues research that ranges from measurement based channel characterizations of millimeter wave and massive MIMO systems, over link level transceiver design and signal processing for orthogonal and non-orthogonal multiple access, to system level analysis and optimization of cloud radio access networks and distributed antenna systems. The central goal of his research work is to enable efficient and dependable wireless connectivity for large masses of (human and machine-type) mobile users even at high-mobility.