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27.02.2020, 14:00 Bis 16:00

Ethics in H2020


Awareness in research ethics is increasingly expected of researchers in all disciplines. Such competence is required not only in performing good research but also in applying for funding from national and international funding bodies. The European Union’s Framework Programmes for Research and Innovation have been a forerunner for systematically and effectively addressing research ethics as part of the application and evaluation procedures. Researchers with prior experience in submitting proposals in the H2020 Calls are already aware of the need to identify relevant ethics issues raised by their research and to provide details on how they will be addressed as part of their proposal. Despite some experience, having to address research ethics may mean having to step out of one’s comfort zone.


What happens to your research proposal in the process of the Ethics Appraisal and Ethics Review in H2020? How can you proactively address research ethics in your proposal? What can the TU research community expect of research ethics in Horizon Europe?


Join us for the presentation of Tristan Fuller, Policy Officer of the European Commission, Ethics and Integrity Sector, DG RTD. Please bring your questions and experiences for a lively discussion following the presentation.

This presentation is open to all researchers, research support staff, and PhD students who are interested in learning more about research ethics in the context of H2020 research. The presentation is followed up by a discussion - please bring your questions and comments along.



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