11. November 2020, 10:00 Bis 13. November 2020 18:00

21st International Seminar on Hydropower Plants


Hydropower has been an important component of clean and emission-free electricity production for decades. In many European countries it provides the largest share of renewable electricity and is therefore considered a mature technology. However, the role of hydropower will change in the future as more challenges arise from the increased use of new energy sources. Nevertheless, it has the unique ability and potential to become an even more important player in energy supply, storage and regulation in course of the clean energy transition process. Grid operators, in particular, like to rely on the flexibility of storage power plants to stabilize the system. In order to best fulfil this new role as a system enabler, the existing technology has to be reshaped for the future.


Hydropower - quo vadis? (Hydropower, where are you going?), the theme of the event, colloquially reflects the millennia-old question of uncertainty. Many enthusiasts of the industry probably ask themselves: "How is this going to continue?”.


The future will be in research and innovation, and it is precisely this exciting question that we want to address in the coming event with a wide variety of topics. This is not limited to technological questions, but must also include approaches to solving the economic, ecological and social challenges. Well-established industry experts will have their voice heard, as will young, up-and-coming rookies who will shape the future of hydropower. Only a comprehensive exchange of ideas guarantees the best answer to this exciting question.

The VIENNAHYDRO is one of the biggest conferences among technology oriented hydropower events in Europe. 270 – 300 participants from all over the world share their knowledge and experience at this conference. It is a bi-annual conference (since 1980) organized by the Institute for Energy Systems and Thermodynamics of TU Wien.


The steering committee consists of almost 35 people from 12 different countries.

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