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Which potential does the EU have to further reduce nutrients emissions via wastewatertreatment? With which costefficiency?
This new openaccess study led by
Alberto Pistocchi, with the contribution of Dr. Vanessa Parravicini, investigates in multiple scenarios the implications of tightening the requirements on nutrient removal, of extending the areas where removal is required as well as combinations of both.

  •  The maximum possible reduction would be of more than 60% for N and more than 70% for P
  •  For N, increasing removal efficiency is more cost-effective than extending removal requirements, at lower efficiency, to the whole territory
  •  As the assumed initial P removal efficiency is already quite high, the advantage of an efficiency strategy is less apparent compared to a strategy of extending removal to the whole territory
  •  In any case, actions increasing nutrient removal are expected to pay for themselves in terms of the benefits they bring in abating waterpollution and (for N) greenhousegasemissions.

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