• Students from the EU, EWR and Switzerland: € 19,20 (Students’ union fee incl. insurance)
  • Long-term students* from the EU, EWR and Switzerland: € 382,56
  • Students from other countries: € 745,92

Each amount is for one semester in the general admission period (till September 5th in winter term/February 5th in summer term).

Within the extended admission period the amount of the tuition fee is increased by 10%. The amount of the tuition fee is not increased for non-EU-nationals and the amount of the students’ union fee. This leads to a total amount of either €19,20 / € 418,90 / € 745,92 per semester in the extended admission period.

*Long-term Students are students which are studying longer than regular study duration plus two additional tolerance semester (6 semester).

Part of the tuition fee is the students‘ union fee incl. insurance (€ 19,20 per semester).

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After having paid the tuition fee, you can study at every other public university in Austria.

There are no additional fees if you want to study two or even more subjects.

Other universities in Vienna:

University of Vienna
Medical University of Vienna
University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences
Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration
University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna
University of Fine Arts Vienna
University of Applied Arts Vienna