What steps do I take after I have applied for Master Building Science and Technology?

  • All Applications must be received in the admission period from February 1st 2019 - May 20th 2019 (for the academic year 2019/20).
  • When you get the positive Acceptance sheet back you can do the online pre-registration. (The online pre-registration is for your general data and for the photo upload of your Study ID [TU Card]. When you finish it you will get a sequenz number, this will be needed for the registration so don't lose it. The pre-registration for academic year will be available with begin of July.)
  • After you have successfully done the pre-online registration come to Vienna to the Admission Office and finish your registration there in personal. You can do this till the 30th of November but we would recommend you to do this before the classes start (Begin of October). For the registration you will need:
  1. The sequenznumber you get after the online pre-registration
  2. Your passport
  3. All other documents needed for the application (certificates, ....)
  • After this you have to pay the Tuition fee (bank information and amount will be given by the Department of Studies and Examination).

When you have finished these steps you can login into your account in TISS Account, öffnet eine externe URL in einem neuen Fenster and personalize it (2-3 hours after registration) and your TU Card will be send to you in 14 days.