Digital Transformation in Real Estate – Science meets Practice

SCIENCE: What is/gets important? Status quo & challenges!

From the demand side

The IFM analyzes and keeps contact to 500 of the wealthiest companies in DE/CH/AT/IT/ES/TR. We make sure to base our research on real life problems.

From the supply side

The IFM's research concentrates on the stats of the size of facility services (FS): Value added, turnover, number of employees, ...

We recognize opportunities!

  • Corporate Social Responsibility & ESG
  • Digital Transformation of Real Estate
  • Risk Managementt & Change Management

Contact person: Prof. Dr. Alexander Redlein

Digital Transformation of RE/FM

  • Workplace of the future
  • Activity based office
  • Hybrid office
  • Wellbeing
  • Flexibility
  • Productivity

Contact person: DI Lisa Thrainer

  • Technology scout
  • Data base +1000 use cases
  • Emerging technologies (IoT, Big Data, AI, Analytics) 
  • Impact building

Contact person: DI Lisa Thrainer

Municipal FM

Contact person: Prof. Dr. Alexander Redlein


  • Service of the future
  • On demand
  • Outsourcing platforms
  • Smart Contracts


  • Smart building (tech) of the future
  • Building/Internet/Tech
  • Building Tech: HVAC, plumbing, electricity
  • Sensoring: Blockchain, Big Data, Machine Learning