Scientific Programming with Python (191.125)


3.0 ECTS


VU Lecture and Exercise

Semester Hours




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Learning outcomes

After successful completion of the course, students are able to

write Python programs

- having with a solid background in the main packages used in
  scientific programming (NumPy, SciPy),
- to solve their own scientific problems with Python,
- to simulate a specific phenomenon using Python,
- to formulate and to solve various optimization problems, and
- to analyze and visualize scientific data by plotting 2D or 3D

Subject of course

- Introduction to the Python programming language
- The SciPy and NumPy ecosystem
- Data processing and plotting (Matplotlib)
- Code testing
- Reproducible and interactive data processing with IPython/Jupyter
- Introduction to solving optimization problems with Python (e.g.,
  SciPy, PuLP)
- Parallel processing in Python
- Interfaces to other programming languages (e.g., Julia)

Teaching methods

- programming exercises
- small software projects using Jupyter notebooks

Mode of examination



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