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22. November 2022, 14:00 bis 16:00

Sharing my research output with others: The correct use of licences for data, software and publications


Learn about licences that fullfill Open Access or FAIR requirements

In cooperation within scientific projects under participatory approaches, you have to publish or share your publications and research output (data, software) in open access or FAIR mode and would like to know what to consider. You want to know which licences are most suitable for your “research footprint”? You want to understand what exploitation rights have to do with your research? If there are any requirements for you as TU Wien members?

In this workshop you will get an overview of Creative Commons licences for publications and research data and basic (applicable) software licenses, including exploitation rights, image rights, related rights, if any - and what you need to take care of in your own research.

The course presents examples from daily research life and examples from regulations in research projects, and is especially suitable for Prae Docs and Post Docs. No previous knowledge is required for this workshop.



Vortragsraum TU Wien Bibliothek (DD 05 B04)
1040 Wien
Resselgasse 4, 5. OG



Barbara Sánchez








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